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If Your Business Lacks Financial Skills…….. Who is obliged to have an Audit Committee and what does it do?   Can an informal Audit Committee help your business? Take advice! Accounting 101:   Understand Accounting - A New Colour System to Simplify It   Why is accounting difficult to understand? A…
Tax Compromises with SARS: The Julius Malema Case Shows How to Do It Tax Administration – the new process How does compromise work?   What happens if you breach the terms of the compromise? Economics 101: A Lesson for South Africa - Scrabble, Globalisation And The Third World  Scrabble in…
The Revised Employment Equity Act: Where Does It Leave You? The main changes The new turnover thresholds (table) One important implication       The Companies Act and Conflicts Of Interest: The Risks of Non-Compliance How does it work? Who does it apply to? The risks of non-compliance The New Tax…
Trustees: Your Risks, Roles and Responsibilities  Choosing the right trustees The Law - a trustee checklist Investing the Assets  Risk and Liability
Entrepreneurs: Help SAICA and Government Help You! What is to be done? SAICA  What is to be done? Government  Good omens
Are You a Target for SARS' Verification and Audit Process? SARS has substantially escalated the verification and audit process Be warned: The rules have changed What "triggers" the verification process? Factors that may trigger an audit   
Your eBooks and Music: More Expensive on 1 June! Is it a new tax? What services are taxable? How will the VAT be collected?  
Risk Management - A Vital Part of Your Business How to respond Where to start? Franchise Agreement Renewal: A Hidden Time Bomb What is the catch? What it means
You and Budget 2014 Tax Clearance Certificates – Easier If You Follow SARS’ Rules When do you need a TCC? The Rules
Business Rescue is Becoming Effective: Ignore It at Your Peril Business Rescue – a quick overview Owners, directors and managers – your obligations How has Business Rescue fared?



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