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Directors: Watch Out For Secret Profits and Conflicts Of Interest  Picture this scenario What went wrong? What should your manager have done?  Be careful!   Leasing:  How Can It Help Your Cash Flow? The benefits of strong cash flow Types of leasing – how to choose Leasing and your customers…
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Load Shedding and Your Employees Must you pay for time lost during power cuts? Speak to your employees  What happens if you can’t agree? A Perfect Storm Brewing For Our Economy?  El Nino Is Coming Back  What is El Nino? What effect does it have?    Get ready now! Updates…
Online Accounting: An Invaluable Tool For Your Business How does it work? Why use online accounting?   Reinstatement of Deregistered Companies: Are They (And Directors) Liable For Their Actions During Deregistration? What did the Supreme Court of Appeal say?     Debt Prescription Relief For Consumers Background The new amendment…
  Your Board: Maximise Its Effectiveness with Term Limits and Appraisals for Directors The importance of independence  How to get this independence?     What about small businesses? 
You And Budget 2015 In a nutshell: How the budget affects you The new Tax Tables Other highlights
The Rise of the Robots: Good for Business, Bad for the Country The human cost – what jobs are at risk?  South Africa: Time for action So will robots be our future bosses?  
Debtor Financing: A Great Way to Finance Your SME In 2015 What can debtor financing do for you? How does it work? Types of debtor financing What are the costs?    Shareholder Resolutions - Be Careful of the Round Robin How to pass resolutions A voting anomaly with round robin…
Are You a “Prescribed Officer”?  If So Be Aware Of Your Onerous Liabilities and Responsibilities What are prescribed officers?   Managing the risks If You Are Struggling To Get Finance, Consider This Different Solution Enticing an investor Investors: Be Careful When Buying into a Business with an Assessed Loss What…



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