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FICA: Will the Revised Act Still be a Four Letter Word?

FICA: Will the Revised Act Still be a Four Letter Word?
  • The outcomes of FICA before its revision
  • The main changes and how they affect you

Robots and the Rise of AI:  Will New Technology Lead to Greater Unemployment?

  • A lesson from history: The ATM story
  • But – that isn’t always what is happening
  • The global labour pool
  • The paradox of current productivity 
  • Where does this leave South Africa?

Protect Your Clients’ Personal Information from Hackers!

  • A UK case illustrates the danger
  • What is “personal information”?
  • Check your systems now!

The Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme: Time is Running Out, and Automatic International Exchange of Tax Information is Kicking In


Your Tax Deadlines for August (and some SARS Humour)

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